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11-07-2019 from 06:00 to 00:00

Castello di Brenzone (VR), Brenzone sul Garda
Religious feast in honour of the Holy Mary, music and food&drink stand

detailed description:

The 11th of July is a celebration that has been part of the tradition of the towns of the municipality of Brenzone for many years now, especially since 1836, in recognition of the Madonna for healing from cholera.

The party begins at the first light of dawn, with the meeting, in the village of Castello, at 6.30 in the morning, in front of the church of Santa Maria; after a start-up mass, we walk among the different hamlets, passing first from Boccino, then descend to Brenzone and Porto, carrying the statue of the Madonna Assunta, with the arrival in Assenza, where a second mid-morning mass takes place .

It should be noted that the community, on this day, is so numerous and warm, that the benches inside the church of St. Nicholas are never enough, and people are forced to listen to the priest from the beautiful square outside.

After the celebration, the journey resumes towards Sommavilla and, between one song and another, we return back to Castello, where the mass that concludes the procession is celebrated.

During the day are also prepared, for the enjoyment of children, inflatable games, which will be used during the festival that takes place in the sports field at Castello, from about 19.00. Here, food stands open for all those who want to participate and lottery tickets are also sold for those who want to try their luck and win one or more prizes of those that have been put up for grabs.

During dinner and throughout the evening, people will be accompanied by musicians who revel on stage, until about 11.30pm, when the lottery tickets will also be extracted, sold by the helpers of the association NOI: the association of the parish of Castello.

For more information contact:

Associazione Pro Loco Per Brenzone
045 7420076

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